Benefits of using social media for business growth

There are around 3 billion people around the globe that are using social media networks and these people are engaging with brands. Research says that majority of the people follow at least one business page. It is also said that more business pages are followed rather than celebrities by people. So if you are not taking an advantage of these platforms then you are really missing out on something huge. We are a creative social media marketing company.

There are many benefits of using social media for business growth and some are as follows:


Offline brand awareness is fine but it takes a lot of time as compared to online brand awareness. The difference is that for ex: You made a poster and got it pasted at different locations in Mumbai for let say at rs 10,000. Here the chances of people coming close to your poster and reading it and taking action on it has few percent of chances as you are unsure if your target audience will read it or not but it is completely opposite on social media as here you get to target only your niche market and also it not only can be seen in Mumbai but overall India that too within less amount.


If you run an advertisement on social media let say Facebook and Instagram, here you are converting followers into customers in a low budget. Lead generation is such a great benefit of social media as it gives us the chance to expand our business. And the ones filling the forms stand more chances of turning into customer and that too a loyal one.


No matter what the product or the price of the product is, anything can be sold on social media. If the sales funnel and the timing is right, one stands a very high chance of selling out thousands and thousands of its products in a very less time.


Word of mouth is one of the best and successful way of getting the business move along. Same can be done online, if one connects with any influencers that shares content related to your niche then they are right source to tie up or collaborate with as the brand awareness, goodwill, trust as well as the sales and customers improves massively.


Via social media the ideas to promote, post, share and execute becomes really quick and easy as you come around different types of content that is been surfacing on all the platforms. Plus you can easily get along with trending stuff and can create your own new content by picking up ideas from others.


Your engagement with your customers becomes stronger as you reply and communicate with your people. Their trust factor becomes strong as they feel that the brand is personally attached with them which is one of the best feelings to be created as no. of loyal customers improves.


You can keep an eye on your competitors as what they are doing, what strategies they are applying and is it working for them. Once you analyse it you can come up with new plans to make your content better and stronger.


Via online platforms, customer services become better as they can connect with you faster than going offline and making rigorous calls but not reaching out. If customers just put up a message on the social media then it can get attention quickly and can be solved. Here the plus point is that it not only solves one person’s problem in fact it solves other people’s problem too who faced the similar issues.

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