Cinema is one of the major crowd attractions of India Associating a product/service with a movie is a good way to increase consumers. 

We analyse and select the right movie to partner for the most effective advertising. We create big screen interval ads and organic product placements to create an aspiration for potential consumers. Cinema Advertising Agencies Mumbai puts Cinema on-screen ads that gives brands the chance to target that hard to reach, highly engaged audience that brands would truly like to reach. This is one of the ways that is used by Branding Agencies in Mumbai to promote the brand. 

The Top 4 Benefits of Advertising on the Big Screens:

1) Increased brand recall: Survey has shown that people visiting theaters are able to relate and focus on ad more due to visuals and that helps them register the brand name and most likely the tagline in their head.  

2) Attentive and captive audience: As the main motto of the people is to see the movie, their eyeballs are always looking for the screen. They pay more attention as there is no other distraction in there.

3) Local audience: When targeting in the nearby cinema theaters it is most likely to get you the local audience who are the ones that already consume your product or most likely will end up consuming. Thus it gets very beneficial for the brand as it improvises the recall value and right target audience.

4) Visual impact due to the digital projection: When we talk about cinema it is pretty obvious that the impact of any advertisement aired will be of high resolution and the visuals will be appealing due to the digital projection.