What is Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Everyone must have heard of Digital marketing and traditional marketing but OOH is something that people might have heard but never paid more attention. We will be talking about OOH and its benefits which will help you get an idea on how to utilize OOH for your business.
First let us understand what OOH is, Out-Of-Home advertising basically means any visual advertising media that is seen by people when they are out on streets, malls, markets, etc. Like any advertisement that people see when they are out of their houses.
OOH have different types like Billboard, Hoardings, Transit. Hoardings can be either static or digital while Transit includes car advertising, train advertising, bus advertising, auto-rickshaw advertising, LED screen etc etc. Many Digital media company in Mumbai have their own Outdoor advertising in Mumbaiand they provide all OOH services.
Talking about Billboards first, it is a huge outdoor advertising structure that can be usually seen in areas where the chances of a large number of people visiting or moving is very frequent. It showcases advertisements that are really good and have a strong branding. The amount for investing in billboards are no doubt high but it completely justifies by giving good results. Unlike televisions and radio, billboards can’t be shut off randomly. It remains the same and advertises even in midnight.
Then there is Transit advertising, where advertisements on the buses and car are done, even inside the buses and trains. The chances of the advertisement reaching to huge number of people is always high because public transports and vehicles are used by a lot of people. Even the ones passing by the vehicle can see and read the banner.
These days outdoor advertising agencies in Mumbai are promoting OOH services more as its more in demand these days. OOH service is one of the oldest service but it got more response now due to digitization. The new capabilities, features and great results have driven the growth. Digital OOH offer colourful screens with high resolution images which are catchy and appealing.
A survey of 2018 shows that around 63249 bus shelters have been listed, now imagine so many bus shelter advertising in Mumbai must have been increased by now just in 2 years. Marketing companies in Mumbai not just offers bus shelters but also no parking board advertising in Mumbai, auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai, human banner advertising in Mumbai, tricycle advertising in Mumbai, pole kiosk advertising in Mumbai, railway station advertising in Mumbai and many mo re.
The scope of OOH and its effectiveness is going to get better day by day in the upcoming years as the whole world goes digital.

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