Despite all the changes in the last decade, radio is still the most cost-effective advertising medium today. The frequency of people listening to radio is still high and is preferred by people. With radio, one can get creative and have fun using different music and sound effects. This allows you to spin on your advertising creative and really draw attention of the audience FM advertising agency promote the ads according to the target audience. Radio ads are a cheaper and broad medium thus radio advertising in India works efficiently. Every radio station is tailored to a specific demographic, so it gets easier to target the right audience. We create audio ads and buy radio slots to reach the largest number of people, this is determined on the basis of research and show genres. Optimal results are found as we all know millions and millions of people prefer radio while driving and travelling as the mode of entertainment. Influencer marketing is also something that has been in trend in Radio advertising where influencers that is the Radio Jockey promotes the brand on its show as it has a staple audience and community that listen to him on a daily basis. We preferentially use it for government schemes, political ads and basic consumer products with direct messaging.